[Tex/LaTex] How could you make an image a hyperlink to a section in a LaTeX document


I'm fairly new to latex and am currently working on a few articles as practice before I use it for more official documents. In my current document, I am attempting to make a table of icons (png images). Upon clicking on these icons, I want each of them to link to a different section of my document.

Using the hyperref and graphicx packages, I have managed to create links to sections and to add images to the document, but I am unsure of how to combine these, or if it is even possible and any help would be greatly appreciated.

        \nameref{sec:a} & \nameref{sec:b} & \nameref{sec:c} & \nameref{sec:d} & \nameref{sec:e} & \nameref{sec:f}\\ \hline
        \nameref{sec:g} & \nameref{sec:h} & \nameref{sec:i} & \nameref{sec:j} & \nameref{sec:k} & \nameref{sec:l}\\ \hline
        \nameref{sec:m} & \nameref{sec:n} & \nameref{sec:o} & \nameref{sec:p} & \nameref{sec:q} & \nameref{sec:r}\\ \hline
        \nameref{sec:s} & \nameref{sec:t} & \nameref{sec:u} & \nameref{sec:v} & \nameref{sec:w} & \nameref{sec:x}\\

With that section of code I've managed to create text links to each section that display the section name. However, I was wondering if by some combination of \includegraphics, \ref, \href, or other commands I could present the image and have it link to the section instead of the text name of the section being shown as the link.


That was one of my thoughts but as it is not a link but rather a reference it did not go as planned. I'm unsure how to continue and would appreciate any advice/hints.

Best Answer

You should use \hyperref[<label>]{<stuff>}:

enter image description here

\usepackage{graphicx}% http://ctan.org/pkg/graphicx
\usepackage{hyperref}% http://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref
Take your pick:
\section{Section A}\label{sec:A}
\section{Section B}\label{sec:B}
\section{Section C}\label{sec:C}

If you want to link to an external URL when clicking on an image, then use \href[<options>]{<URL>}{<stuff>}:

enter image description here





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