[Tex/LaTex] Hide page numbering but retain header/footer


I would like to remove page numbering on a specific page. However, the header and footer should remain intact. If I try:


The header and footer disappear. What is the recommended way of removing just the page number?

Best Answer

The standard page style doesn't allow disappearing only the footer. However I can imagine two possibilities.

  1. You can define your own page style with the required header and without any footer. This new defined page style can be used with \thispagestyle.
  2. On the other hand you can use declaration commands of the footer (e.g. \cfoot) inside the document body. If you want to suppress the footer on a page your can do \cfoot{}. Be aware that you have to activate the footer on the next page with \cfoot{\thepage}. You can simplify the process by definition two new commands: \def\nofoot{\cfoot{}} and \def\withfoot{\cfoot{\thepage}}.
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