[Tex/LaTex] Having pdflatex clean up after itself in WinEdt


How do I get pdflatex (via WinEdt) to remove all the extra output files (e.g., .lof, .blg, etc.) after compiling my .tex/.bib/.etc to a .pdf?

If there is a solution, I suspect it will come via "Options" -> "Execution Mode". I'm just not finding anything though 🙁

I was told by someone that pdflatex won't do this and that I would need to create a Makefile. Is that true?

Best Answer

Winedt has the "Erase output files" tool (on the "Tools" menu).

However, you don't want to remove the auxiliary files after each run of pdflatex because you need those files for subsequent runs.

If you are using miktex, then you can run texify with the -c option to automate running pdflatex sufficiently many times, and bibtex etc and then remove the aux files. In miktex you can access this by going to "Execution Modes...", choosing "PDFTeXify" and adding -c to the "Switches" box.

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