[Tex/LaTex] Have new line between paragraphs, no indentation


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Is there an easy way to have my whole document with a space between paragraphs rather than indentation?

I am sure that this must be a dup, but I can't find the right keywords to search for. So I am posting.

Right now my latex paragraphs look like this:

The paragraph does not start out with
an indent.  But when you make a new 
paragraph there is an indent.  
     This is a new paragraph.  Can 
you see the indent?  
     This is another paragraph. 

I would like to have no indenting but and an empty line between paragraphs.
This is what I am using to remove the indents:


But I am not sure how to add in new lines. I think it is something like this:


Happy Canada Day!

Best Answer

Just include the following before \begin{document}