[Tex/LaTex] Handwritten font with math support


Friends, I've been looking for a handwritten font with math support. In The LaTeX Font Catalogue, there are great handwritten fonts available, but unfortunately I could not find one with proper math support.

I'm aware that the general rule is to use a proper math font instead, say mathpazo. But in this very peculiar case – a beamer template I'm writing for one keynote of mine – a handwritten font would perfectly fit.

I found some references in a comp.text.tex thread and also in the LaTeX Community Forum – the latter with an interesting approach provided by frabjous.

Since both entries are dated January 2010, I'd like to know if there is any new light on this subject – a new font, a new technique, etc.

Or I could collect some detexify samples and put all together in a math font. =P (just kidding!)

Update: Since I have such great answers to my question, I'll add a bounty. My plan is to accept one answer while awarding the other one with a bounty.

Best Answer

You can try AMS Euler font (or the Neo Euler opentype). It is an upright font that was designed to resemble mathematics written on a blackboard.

I think that, for presentations, Euler combines well with GFS Artemisia, but the latter is not a handwriting font.

EDIT: If you do decide to use the Euler font, you can get the math support with \usepackage{euscript}. Then you can write, for example: $\EuScript{C}$ to get a nice round letter C.