[Tex/LaTex] Greek characters in normal and sans serif math mode


Here's a simple demonstration program:



    x +  \alpha \beta
    x  + \alpha \beta

It works fine, but the sans serif math does not have correct greek characters. Adding the following lines almost fixes the problem:


But now the Greek characters in math mode are not the original ones. Where are the original ones?

There's a similar question:
Replacing greek glyphs in math mode. It is about luatex, though.

Also, I cannot use the sansmath package because it does not support my font encoding.

Best Answer

The letters font should be a font encoded as OML, not OT1; you can use CMBright for those and for the OMS family; a decent substitute for the large symbols can be Iwona:

\SetSymbolFont{operators}   {sans}{OT1}{cmss} {m}{n}
\SetSymbolFont{letters}     {sans}{OML}{cmbrm}{m}{it}
\SetSymbolFont{symbols}     {sans}{OMS}{cmbrs}{m}{n}