[Tex/LaTex] Grammarly for texstudio


The Grammar Check of texstudio is Languagetool which is really not a grammar checker (although best in the opensource environment). I was wondering if anyone knows a way to connect one of the good grammar checkers to it. Grammarly and or ProWritingaid are examples that I like to be considered.


Recently Grammarly released a version it calls Grammarly for Windows. This app directly operates in Windows applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to operate in Texstudio. Is there any way to benefit from it while writing in the texstudio?

Best Answer

I have the same problem. I found the way as follows: When you need to check Grammarly, copy the TeX to https://www.overleaf.com/ and you can also edit and run the TeX in there (online). Then the browser will check this for you. I think this is the best way right now. Or you can use the checker by Texstudio, they have it. But it is very very basic.