[Tex/LaTex] Get the Length of the Rest of a Line


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Is there a way to measure the remaining space of a line of text?

I have some text and want to put a \hrulefill at the end following by a period. However, if the text of the line comes too close to the end of the line, the rule is omitted and just a period results — or — a new line is created, the rule is omitted, and the line begins with a period.

How can I determine if there is enough space at the end of the line for a sizeable enough hrulefill of some specified length?

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How about the following (using ideas from the command \qed in amsart.cls):

\newcommand{\myrulefill}{\unskip\penalty9999 \hbox{}\nobreak\hrulefill
  \hbox to 1em{\hrulefill}.}

That guarantees you at least 1em of hrulefill (you can change that 1em to some other length, of course), and prevents the hrulefill from being on a line by itself. You'd just put the command \myrulefill at the end of your paragraph.

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