[Tex/LaTex] Get full reference in chicago footnote


I am a complete beginner with Latex so please bare with me…

I am trying to use the chicago package (\usepackage{chicago}
) in order to reference other papers in mine. Does Latex do all the referencing on its own or do I have to be the one writing each footnote manually?

for example:

Is it possible to type something like

...it is a temporary condition and can be changed\footnote{\cite{Chua1999}}...

and latex will automatically create the correct full reference (for the first time the paper was referenced)? Such as the note form in http://library.sc.edu/pubserv/chicago.pdf

Best Answer

That's easy with biblatex-chicago package and the \footfullcite command, as mentioned in Bernard's comment.

Here is an example

  author = {Chua},
  title = {A title},
  journal = {A Journal},
  year = {1999},




...it is a temporary condition and can be changed\footfullcite{Chua1999}...



Output (footnote)

enter image description here

P.S. It has to be compiled with

pdflatex file

biber file

pdflatex file

pdflatex file