[Tex/LaTex] Full-page figure with preceding caption


I have a large figure that takes up a full page in my dissertation, leaving not enough room on that page for its caption. The figure must be a fixed size, I can't scale it down.

  1. The caption must appear on the page preceding the figure.
  2. The caption and figure must appear within the section, not at the end. Ideally, I'd like the caption and figure to appear as close to their insertion point as possible, or before the next subsection.
  3. The caption and figure must remain in their original order amongst the other figures in the section.
  4. I'm not concerned about odd/even pages (at the moment).

I found a relevant post that suggested using the fltpage package:
How to put large figure caption on separate page from the figure

I tried that and it works in some cases, but not all. It does not meet my requirement #2. When I use the fltpage package, the figure is sometimes (not always) moved to the end of the section, and all the later figures are also moved (the order of figures is preserved).

I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thank you.

Best Answer

I'd just put the caption in a [b] figure and the image in a [p] the caption figure will float until there is room for the caption at the bottom if the page, and at the following page break the pending p float will necessarily be output. (I'd never use afterpage: I know who wrote it:-)


  \caption[Some rather long caption]{\lipsum*[2]}
    \includegraphics[width=\textwidth,height=.999\textheight]{example-image}% La
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