[Tex/LaTex] Force TeXworks to refresh bib file


I don't quite know the mechanics behind bibliography and BiBTeX. I am using TeXworks to write a document, I modify the bib file with an external application. When I typeset the document (Ctrl+T), it gives the same error displaying the old version of the line.

I am sure I have changed and saved the file. I fiddle with the application a bit, and typeset again it reloads the newest version.

How do I force TeXworks to reload the fresh version of the bib file?

Best Answer

It looks like what's happening is that despite "pdfLatex+MakeIndex+BibTeX" being selected, TeXworks only actually does BibTeX if the bibliography file has been edited from within TeXworks. (You could check this by editing your bib file and saving it through TeXworks.)

Like I said in my answer, you can force TeXworks to reload the bibliography file by explicitly running BibTeX from the Typeset menu.

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