[Tex/LaTex] Force LaTeX image to appear in the section in which it’s declared


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How can I force an image in a LaTeX documents to appear in the section in which I declared it?

I don't want that an image about "Section A" to appear in "Section F". 🙁

I actually include an image with

\caption{3D View of the robotic workspace (in red).}

Best Answer

Try \begin{figure}[!htb]. In nearly all cases it helps.

Explanation of the figure placement parameters:

  • h - Place figure here, if possible
  • t - Place figure at the top of a page
  • b - Place figure at the bottom of a page and
  • ! - Over-ride default LaTeX figure placement (do not use the parameter values).

If that doesn't work then use:


This prevents placing floats before a section.