[Tex/LaTex] Force font to computer modern (serif) in math mode although it is set to sans serif


I set my font to sans serif via


Now I want to use some symbols -not all- (only normal letters or greek letters) from the standard computer modern math font in mathmode.

Unfortunatly neither



{\fontfamily{cmm}\selectfont $w$}

will give me the desired result.

I want to use it in a tikz-environment, but I guess that's no difference to the usual usage.

I am a little confused about the fact, that I cannot change the font at all. Neither with the above mentioned selectfont-command nor in tikz via (for example)

\node[font=\rmfamily] at (0,0) {$w$};

Best Answer

The following example using \mathrm seems to work nicely in MikTeX 2.9 with a tikz-box:



    \node[rectangle,inner xsep=10pt,inner ysep=10pt,
          anchor=south,text width=\columnwidth,shade]{#1};


sans serif text

\mycolorbox{Sans serif: $a + b$, CM: {$\mathrm{c}$}}


I think you need to explicitly enable this with the mathrmOrig option in sfmath. The result looks like this:

TeX example rendered