[Tex/LaTex] Footnotemark inside itemize


I am trying to put a \footonotemark[ ] inside an itemize environment.

But when I compile, instead of having the footnote superscript I have the number of the footonote between brackets.

For example:

\item bla bla bla\foonotemark[14]
\end {itemize}

appears as:

  • bla bla bla[14]

The command is working properly if I use it outside the environment.

Best Answer

Perhaps your problem is that you mistyped \footnotemark as \foonotemark? Works just fine for me in the following:

bla bla bla\footnotemark[13] 
    \item bla bla bla\footnotemark[14] 
    \item bla bla bla\foonotemark[15] 
    \item bla bla bla\footnote[16]{usual footnote works too}
\end {itemize}
\footnotetext[13]{works here}
\footnotetext[14]{and here}
\footnotetext[15]{but not here}

Also, as egreg suggested, you could simply use the usual \footnote with optional argument in [], as I do in [16]