[Tex/LaTex] Footnote numbering not in superscript


I want the footnote numbering to be superscripted (both in body and on the bottom of the page). What I get is superscript in body, and normal format on bottom of page. I understand what I'm asking for is supposed to be the default setting, so since I'm pretty new to Latex I thought maybe I can provide my document settings, and someone could help me figure out what settings are the one to change this. Hope it's not too long.



Text text text \footnote{Footnote footenote}

Best Answer

The footnote mark is redefined by biblatex-chicago (see Biblatex in author-date changes the way footnotes appear in the footer).

However, once you are already using footmisc, you can load it after biblatex-chicago and get it to override biblatex-chicago's definitions in this respect.






Text.\footnote{A footnote}


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Update: biblatex-chicago includes an option for this behavior: footmarkoff, which disables alterations of the footnotes by biblatex-chicago. Irrespective of the use of footmisc then, perhaps it is best to use it, for it is a more general treatment for the issue. In fact, this will work, independent of the order in which biblatex-chicago and footmisc are called. (I've updated the code above to include the option).

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