[Tex/LaTex] Floats – how to restrict floating to subsection only in one section of the document


I have concluded that the package float allows figures to float within the section they belong to. However for one particular section I need to restrict the floating to the subsection (without forcing the exact location).

http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Floats,_Figures_and_Captions#Custom_Floats I think this is the description of what I need, but I can't work further with it.

outer counter – the presence of this parameter indicates that the counter associated with this new float should depend on outer counter, for example 'chapter'.

I need to set that outer counter to be subsection rather than section which is the default. however I only need that for one specific section. Everywhere else floats can float…

Seeing this:

\newfloat{type}{placement}{ext}[outer counter]

I have tried and replaced figure for figuresubsec on the cases I needed and used this:


however the pictures do appear but don't move to their subsection and they don't appear in the list of figures.

Best Answer

Use the \FloatBarrier command of the placeins package.

EDIT: Counters associated with a float may influence float numbering, e.g. "Table 1.3" (third table in section 1 of an article) instead of "Table 3" (third table in an article). Those counters bear no direct relationship to float placement. (In the LaTeX standard book class, there's one indirect relationship: The \chapter command acts as a float barrier.)

EDIT2: The \newfloat command is used to create new types of floats, e.g. "maps" besides tables and figures. These "maps" may be listed in a "list of maps", but (unless you do some hacking) won't appear in the list of figures.

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