[Tex/LaTex] Float moved to next page even though theres enough space


Two floats are giving me trouble. Together, they would fit comfortably on a page with enough space for some text and yet, if theres so few as one line of text on the page, the second Float will be moved to the next page:

enter image description here

Here's the same page with no text:

enter image description here

As you can see, there a huge amount of white space between the floats, more that enough to acommodate the text and yet, it won't fit.

enter image description here

Here's an example from the next page, where the text fits snugly around the float. It seems to me that two floats can't be right next to each other? I'm not quite sure what of the Latex source is needed if any for someone to figure this out, I will provide it as needed. The figures are using [htb].

Best Answer

As per @DavidCarlisle, using [!htb] fixed the issue for me.

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