[Tex/LaTex] Fixing an overfull box


I have an overfull box in a French text which looks like this:

overfull box

The sequence at the end of the line is:

d'Ananias~: \og Vous

"Vous" cannot be hyphenated and \og inserts a non-secable space, so the only place where it could be cut is after the colon.

I'm using XeTeX with microtype (2.5 beta6 for XeTeX support). How can I fix this overfull box?

Do I have to allow lines to stretch more (and how)?

Best Answer

The link Overfull gives "More satisfactory is to make small changes to \tolerance, incrementally, and then to look to see how the change affects the result; very small increases can often do what’s necessary."

%!TEX TS-program = xelatex

\usepackage[protrusion = true,


  Voici l'accusation que Pierre a formulée à l'encontre d'Ananias: \og Vous avez menti à l'Esprit-Saint. \fg{} Il est également possible de blasphémer contre le Ciel, contre les saints, contre la vertu.


enter image description here

With \tolerance=270 enter image description here

I think expansion does not work with xelatex

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