[Tex/LaTex] Fix the height/length of a minipage


I have 2 columns in 1 slide. On the left hand, it is a tabbing inside a minipage in a framed. Some sentences are shown one by one by overlay, that results in the height/length of the whole minipage on the left increases gradually. I would like to fix the height/length in the beginning, and leave the place for the sentences coming up. Does anyone know how to do it?

          \quad \= \hspace{-0.3cm} \quad \= \hspace{-0.1cm} \quad \= \hspace{-0.1cm} \quad \= \hspace{-0.1cm} \quad \= \hspace{0cm} \= \\[-\baselineskip]\kill
          \only<2->{sentence 2} \\
          \only<3->{sentence 3} \\
          \only<4->{sentence 4} 

Best Answer


will make a top aligned minipage that is 10cm tall.