[Tex/LaTex] Fill remaining page with image


I hope to fill the remaining vertical space with an image. This has been done here; https://blogs.gnome.org/muelli/2011/04/perfectly-scale-an-image-to-the-rest-of-a-page-with-latex/

However I cant figure out how this is done. I am not very used to macros.
I simply hope that something like this exists;

                 height= "Vertical space remaining" ]{figure.fig}

Best Answer

You can mark the bases of lines as "labels" using zref's savepos module. This allows you to do calculations on the (x and) y coordinates of the labels. The command \filltopageendgraphics[<options>]{<file>} below automates this process (assuming you'll only have one such image on any given page).

enter image description here



% \filltopageendgraphics[<options>]{<file>}
  \zsaveposy{top-\thepage}% Mark (baseline of) top of image
  \zsaveposy{bottom-\thepage}% Mark (baseline of) bottom of image










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