[Tex/LaTex] File input and output


Are there any LaTeX packages that can assist with reading and writing to files? I am trying to develop a solution to the following problem:

1) I am producing a long report regularly. Part of the report include items like

   Key date: 12 Sep 2010    Complete Floor 1
   Key date: 18 Sep 2010    Other activity

2) It will be nice to have all these dates saved into a sort of an aux file and then import later as a section of its own. It will also need to be sorted.

I have so far looked at the answers package for inspiration and also thought of hacking the
index mechanism. Any ideas and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

Sounds like the perfect task for the datatool package. It is design to create "databases" in TeX, which can then be saved to an external file and then read in later. Lots of useful data manipulation commands, as well.

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