[Tex/LaTex] Figure is placed in a wrong position


I have read many threads regarding misplaced floats in LaTex, however, I haven't found a satisfactory answer yet. As shown by the code segment, Fig 1 is supposed to be after the "In order to test …" paragraph and before the "Using the digital …" paragraph. However, when it is placed in some random location in between the text of the paragraphs. Any help is appreciated.

In order to test... 

\caption{Circuit used to test Kirchhoff's laws.}

Using the digital...

EDIT: I just noticed that the location at which the figure is supposed to be is too small. However, shouldn't the placeins package take care of this issue? Essentially what LaTex is doing is filling that otherwise empty space with the text of the next paragraph, the one which is supposed to come after the figure.

Best Answer

\usepackage{float} And then say \begin{figure}[H]