[Tex/LaTex] Error creating pdf/a with latex


I'm trying to create pdf/a through latex. I inserted in my tex file the package:


with the option a-1b but I got error:

pdfTeX error (ext5): cannot open file for embedding ...eam attr{/N 4} file{sRGBIEC1966-2.1.icm}
\pdfobjcompresslevel > 0 requires \pdfminorversion > 4. Object streams disabled now.

I don't really know what does it mean

Best Answer

This is a color profile. Printers need them to correctly print color pdfs. There are a number of profiles on the net.

You can find this file here: https://github.com/bencomp/pdfx-ext/blob/master/sRGBIEC1966-2.1.icm