[Tex/LaTex] Error: Counter too large! with \alph{cntr} and cntr>26


I would like to have \alph{counter} for values larger than 26. The following MnWE gives me the error ! LaTeX Error: Counter too large.


\item twenty-five
\item twenty-six
\item twenty-seven


I would like it to behave like one of these:

..., x, y, z, aa, bb, cc, ..., xx, yy, zz, aaa, bbb, ccc, ... (preferred)
..., x, y, z, aa, ab, ac, ..., ax, ay, az, ba,  bb,  bc,  ... (can be if nothing else works)

A solution without LaTeX3 extensions would be awesome as I cannot run LaTeX3 extensions.

Best Answer

The alphalph package by H. Oberdiek provides the second numbering system out of the box. As usual with Heiko's packages, a counter representation such as


is completely expandable.

And, as you remark in comments, with


you get your preferred way. Of course, replace section with the counter you need.