[Tex/LaTex] Empty author field in BibTeX


I need to add a reference with an empty author field to my bibliography list.
I have this bibitem :

    title="Abc Def",
    howpublished = {2}

When I do this I see a colon in front of the reference in my generated pdf file.
I.e, the reference looks like

:Abc Def. 2

The colon is inserted because it should separate author's name from the title.
Is there any way to get rid of the colon?

I tried to change title to author in my bibitem:

    author="Abc Def",
    howpublished = {2}

Unfortunately it shortens the Abc Def to A.Def automatically in the pdf file. (Ie., it considers Abc as somebody's first name).

I'm using a special bibliography style called splncs.

Best Answer

To make BibTeX consider some text as a single token (and so keep it unchanged), put it in braces. In your case this will be: author = {{Abc Def}}. This also helps, if you need to preserve the capitalization of some text.