[Tex/LaTex] Easy way to find the location of a compilation error


When I compile my project with pdflatex, I get to see at which line the error has occurred, but the file is it claims the error has occurred in is incorrect since it always just says that it has occurred in the main .tex file, while it really has occurred in some other file. Double clicking on the error, which normally takes you straight to the problematic code line, is therefore useless. Why does pdflatex behave like this? Does anyone have a suggestion for what I can do to find the line that actually has caused the error, so I can know what pdflatex is complaining about?

Best Answer

Double clicking on the error...

It sounds like you're using some front-end application to compile. I can think of two possible ways to do some more error seeking:

1) Try only compiling the problem file. This may require temporary alteration of the preamble to make everything else work, but should still work after that.

2) What I would recommend: take it to the command line if you can. Trying running pdflatex (or just plain ol' latex) on the whole project and go through the output to see where it errors out. (This should also be possible with whatever front-end compiler you're using; scrolling through the compilation log is all-telling.)

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