[Tex/LaTex] Drawing a Normal Distribution Graph


I have no idea how to create a graph of a normal distribution. I'll attach an image of exactly what I'm trying to recreate.enter image description here

Also, is there a way of undoing a PDF back to LaTeX code if LaTeX was used to make the pdf? otherwise I'll just be mindlessly copying…

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You could see this link Filling in the area under a normal distribution curve or you could use this next example adapted from this link http://johncanning.net/wp/?p=1202:

enter image description here


\begin{axis}[no markers, domain=0:10, samples=100,
axis lines*=left, xlabel=Test, ylabel=axis $y$,
height=6cm, width=10cm,
xticklabels={Test A,Test B,Test C,Test D, Test A,Test B,Test C,Test D}, ytick=\empty,
enlargelimits=false, clip=false, axis on top,
grid = major]
\addplot [fill=cyan!20, draw=none, domain=-3:3] {gauss(0,1)} \closedcycle;
\addplot [fill=orange!20, draw=none, domain=-3:-2] {gauss(0,1)} \closedcycle;
\addplot [fill=orange!20, draw=none, domain=2:3] {gauss(0,1)} \closedcycle;
\addplot [fill=blue!20, draw=none, domain=-2:-1] {gauss(0,1)} \closedcycle;
\addplot [fill=blue!20, draw=none, domain=1:2] {gauss(0,1)} \closedcycle;
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