[Tex/LaTex] Draw an arc over 360 degrees


I have the following problem with tikz: I want to draw some circular arcs, but unfortunately these arcs have degrees which pass the 360° line. I would like to be able to draw these arcs with one single command, but I can't figure out how to do it. If I give the arc commands two angles where the first is larger than the second, tikz will simply interchange the angles before drawing them.

% radius, two angles, node attribute/name
\draw[gray, very thin] (0,0) --  (#2:#1);
\draw (#2:#1) arc(#2:#3:#1);
\draw[gray, very thin] (0,0) --  (#3:#1);
\draw({(#2+#3)/2}:#1) node[#4] {#5};




\drawarc{0.75cm}{20}{85}{below left}{4};

\drawarc{0.8cm}{95}{150}{below right}{3};


% I would like to replace these 2 commands
% by one, drawing an arc from 195 to 75 degrees



% and the same here
\drawarc{1cm}{260}{360}{above left}{9};

I am bounding every arc by lines from/to (0,0), so if I draw multiple arcs where I only need one, the additional lines look somewhat crappy.

Best Answer

You can use angles greater than 360!

Replace your 4 lines with the following two:

%\drawarc{1.2cm}{0}{75}{}{}; 360+75=435


  \drawarc{1cm}{260}{400}{above left}{9}; 
%\drawarc{1cm}{0}{40}{}{}; 360+40=400

to get the desired result:

enter image description here

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