[Tex/LaTex] Displaying slides with Beamer and Article class


(Edited to include a MWE; note that the current version is much simpler than what was mentioned in the original question and is essentially acceptable.)

Right now, I create an article version of my beamer presentation where each slide is specifically included explicitly using a \showslide command follows:


and where I use the option to avoid duplication of the slide content in the text. Is it possible to (re)define an environment so that this is automatically done (ideally with automatic slide label numbering.)?
Ideally I would have like to be able to either redefine frame or define a new environment and just type


thus avoiding having to specify the mode every time and avoiding having to specify a new label.

MWE example using 3 files follows. Note that, sometimes, the explanatory text included for a given slide in the article version may be a few pages long.






\center \fbox{\includeslide[width=12cm]{#1}}




\frametitle{First slide}
\item First item
\item Second item

Some text included only in the article mode.

Second slide

Yet more text included here for the second slide.

Best Answer

I think you can get that with modifying the notes page template. One example that's not exactly what you want, but is close, and pretty easy to work with:

enter image description here

%%% For normal presentations

%%% For handouts with lots of extra notes
\pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[a4paper,border shrink=5mm] % could also use letterpaper
\setbeameroption{show notes on second screen=bottom} % Beamer manual, section 19.3

\setbeamertemplate{note page}[plain] % Beamer manual, section 19.1
\usetemplatenote{\rmfamily \scriptsize%
  \setlength{\parindent}{1em} \setlength{\parskip}{1ex}%
  \noindent \insertnote%


\title{The Title}
\author{The Author}

Here's some content, with no notes added.
Here's some content, with notes added.
Here are things to remember:
\item Stress this first. (We probably need to ensure that this item wraps properly, too.)
\item Then this.
Afterwards, talk about other things. Stall for as long as possible. Eventually, we'll
run out of room on this line, and will spill over onto another one.

And if we need a second paragraph, we can add one of those, too. Math like Euler's
1+e^{i \pi}=0
isn't hard to add, but you may want to adjust the default math font family back to the
Roman default.

For some unknown reason, it appears that the last paragraph gets some weird line
spacing unless we put an extra paragraph break in the template before resetting the
paragraph-related lengths. 

Adapted from Changing the textwidth of the notes in Beamer and Customizing LaTeX beamer note pages.