[Tex/LaTex] Displace element from its computed position


Is there some command to wrap around an element \unknown{<element>} that gives a way to place an element, say, 5cm above where it would be placed without the unknown wrapper, even if it overlaps something as a result.

Basically, a command that pushes an element 5cm up in any scenario.

My particular use case is that I want to add an x-label to a graph after-the-fact.

Best Answer

You can raise the text using \raisebox{<amount>}[<set height>][<set depth>]{<content>} and also change its official height and depth. The original dimensions are available as \height, \depth, \totalheight (height+depth) and \width.

So \raisebox{5cm}[\height][\depth]{<some content>} should move it 5cm up, but keep the original dimensions as they are, making LaTeX think the content didn't change.