[Tex/LaTex] Different size brackets for binomial coefficient in inline mode using MathJax


While using MathJax to typeset binomial coefficients, I came across this problem of different sized brackets if my lower index contains the '0' character. Is there anyway to make the brackets the same size?

Binomial Coefficients Brackets

Best Answer

Here's a LaTeX-based solution. The macro \mychoose should be used only in "text-style" math mode. (I trust it's not too difficult to adapt it to MathJax.)

enter image description here

$\sum_{k=0}^n \mychoose{n}{k}=\mychoose{n}{0}+\cdots+\mychoose{n}{n}.$

Addendum: If you want square brackets instead of round parentheses, simply adjust the code in the \mychoose macro.

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