[Tex/LaTex] Different margins for odd and even number pages


According to my institute guidelines Ii have to do the following in my thesis:

  • Left margin: 1.25" (to ensure sufficient space for binding), Right mar-
    gin: 1"
  • Caution: For front and back printing, left and right depends on the
    page number being odd or even. Therefore for the thesis which is
    to be printed back and front, the margins of odd numbered pages
    (=pages on right) are as above, while for the even numbered pages
    (=pages on left) the left margin should be 1" and right margin
    should be 1.25".

I used this in my preamble:

\usepackage[inner=1.25cm,outer=1cm,bottom=2cm, top=2cm]{geometry}

But this is keeping 1.25" space on left on even number pages too. How can I keep odd number pages at 1.25" on left and 1" on right but vica versa for even numbered pages?

Best Answer

You should use the following setup:

\documentclass[twoside, <further options>]{report}
\usepackage[inner=1.25in, outer=1in, vmargin=2in]{geometry}

where <further options> might include 12pt.

Note that whereas the instructions appear to be phrased as using inches as the main unit of length, your code appears to be using centimeters as the unit of length. Do clarify with your school which length unit applies.