[Tex/LaTex] Different behaviour in BaKoMa TeX and MiKTeX


I am trying to use the resume template by David Grant.

I have put both the .tex file and the shading.sty file together in one folder.

When I use BakomaTeX (v 9.83) to convert the .tex file to PDF I get the shading regions perfectly fine


but when I use TeXworks of MiKTeX on the same .tex file along with the shading.sty in the same folder, the output is


Further, when I removed the shading.sty file from the folder, MiKTeX compilation failed indicating that the shading.sty file was being used.
I need to get the shading even when I use MiKTeX to convert LaTeX to PDF.

Best Answer

I wrote this answer for the sake of closure. I don't use BaKoMa TeX but with MiKTeX installed, you can compile your document through the latex > dvips > ps2pdf sequence in your terminal. To do this, open your terminal/command line and go to your working directory. Then run the following commands. Change myfile to the name of your file.

latex myfile
dvips myfile
ps2pdf myfile.ps

As mentioned by Joseph Wright in comment, some differences in output are caused by running different drivers. In the case of shadings.sty, the following comment can be seen at the end of the file:

% Here are some simple PostScript routines.
% The TeX command \PScommands must be called before any of the
% shading routines can be used.

If you don't want to use the terminal for compiling your document, you can set up TeXWorks to compile your document through the latex > dvips > ps2pdf sequence. I don't use TeXWorks but most text editors can be set up to execute this compiling sequence.

I suspect that BaKoMa TeX follows a similar procedure albeit using proprietary drivers.

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