[Tex/LaTex] Define and set length in one command


Sorry this might be a very simple question, I am trying to cleanup a style file, and would like to write a command that basically runs the following code:


Based on another command that runs a \def, I though I'd be able to use expandafter and csname easily; here is what I tried:

    \csname #1\endcsname}\setlength{%
    \csname #1\endcsname}{#2}

Unfortunately, this seems to generate an error related to csname being already defined. I think it means that I can't use csname twice in the same expand, but I don't know how to define the name first, and then use it twice… Help? 🙂

Best Answer

You need to assemble the control sequence name before defining with \newcommand, and before using it. This can be achieved using \expandafter twice.

    \expandafter\newlength\csname #1\endcsname
    \expandafter\setlength\csname #1\endcsname{#2}%


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