[Tex/LaTex] Default margins for geometry package


I want to explicitly specify sizes of my document. For this purposes I use geometry package. I do the following (I found the solution here):

\usepackage[paperwidth=2394pt, paperheight=6840pt]{geometry}
    ...     % document's content

But after this I have offsets for my document's content! I think that happens because some margins are set with this directive:

\usepackage[paperwidth=2394pt, paperheight=6840pt]{geometry}

I wonder what are the default page margins for geometry package?

Best Answer

The default is that the text width and the text height are 0.7 of the paper width and height. This means that

textwidth = 0.7 paperwidth = 1675.8pt
textheight = 0.7 paperheight = 4788pt

The left and right margins are, for one sided document, equal to each other; this gives

leftmargin = rightmargin = .15 paperwidth = 359.1pt

The vertical spaces are divided in a 2:3 proportion. So

topmargin = (2/5)(.3 paperheight) = 820.8pt
bottommargin = (3/5)(.3 paperheight) = 1231.2pt

See p. 13 of the manual (section 6.4).

The actual results are shown in the log file:

* driver: pdftex
* paper: custom
* layout: <same size as paper>
* layoutoffset:(h,v)=(0.0pt,0.0pt)
* modes: 
* h-part:(L,W,R)=(359.10365pt, 1675.7927pt, 359.10365pt)
* v-part:(T,H,B)=(820.80835pt, 4787.97913pt, 1231.21252pt)
* \paperwidth=2394.0pt
* \paperheight=6840.0pt
* \textwidth=1675.7927pt
* \textheight=4787.97913pt
* \oddsidemargin=286.83366pt
* \evensidemargin=286.83366pt
* \topmargin=711.53836pt
* \headheight=12.0pt
* \headsep=25.0pt
* \topskip=10.0pt
* \footskip=30.0pt
* \marginparwidth=65.0pt
* \marginparsep=11.0pt
* \columnsep=10.0pt
* \skip\footins=9.0pt plus 4.0pt minus 2.0pt
* \hoffset=0.0pt
* \voffset=0.0pt
* \mag=1000
* \@twocolumnfalse
* \@twosidefalse
* \@mparswitchfalse
* \@reversemarginfalse
* (1in=72.27pt=25.4mm, 1cm=28.453pt)

The small differences from the "exact" values are due to the way TeX performs computation (in integer arithmetic).