[Tex/LaTex] Creating Running Headers and Footers, but not on the First Page


I want a header similar to Microsoft word that appears at the top of each page. However I do not want this on the first page. I would like to have the name of the project on the left, my name in the middle, and the date on the right.

  1. What packages and commands will create a header as described above?
  2. What approaches can I take to customize the header?

Best Answer

You can use fancyhdr to facilitate making headers and footers. If you want the first page to have no header or footer---without using any special packages---you can issue \thispagestyle{empty} on the first page.

\usepackage{lipsum}%% a garbage package you don't need except to create examples.
\lhead{This is my name}
\rhead{this is page \thepage}
\cfoot{center of the footer!}




header and footer

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