[Tex/LaTex] Creating environments with different colours and sizes


At the top of my lecture notes I define the following environments:

%Student copy

%My copy (uncomment out "%" below)    

Throughout my lecture notes I use the Notes environment to comment out bits of text, equations, lists, and parts of tables. Sometimes {\Notes …} will encompass a line, other times half a page.

However, I know this really isn't the best way of doing things as {\LARGE ..} doesn't play nicely with equations. But I'm not really sure what to do instead. Any suggestions?


I only need the sections to appear white, i.e. when I print them off. Students fill in the gaps during lectures. I noticed that when I used my solution to blank off a couple of equations at a time, the colour setting goes odd. By odd I mean that sections are incorrectly coloured.

Best Answer

You might consider using the comment package for including/excluding environments. If you just change the text color the text can still be copy/pasted which might not be what you want.





This is a note 

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