[Tex/LaTex] Couldn’t open .bib.aux


I have a bibliography file called mybib.bib, and I wanted to create .bbl file so that I can copy its contents inside my .tex file, but when I ran from command line bibtex mybib.bib I got an error message saying

"I couldn't open file name 'mybib.bib.aux'".

Any ideas what the problem might be and how to solve it? Also, since I'm using TeXmaker for writing LaTeX, is there any easier way to include .bib file inside my .tex file and automate all the necessary compilations?

Best Answer

Let us say you have a TeX code mwe.tex. There you use file mybib.bib for your bib entrys.

First you have to compile the TeX code with pdflatex mwe.tex. That run creates an file mwe.aux containing the informations for building the bibliography and more. So you run second bibtex mwe.aux to get the resulting file mwe.bbl you can use as wished ...

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