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I am writing a scientific paper and I am having difficulty adding a "copyright" footer on the first page. I am currently having a paper which looks like this (from howtotex.com):

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(Link to template)

I altered it a little bit, so far no problems. However I want to have a little text above the "1template by howtotex.com" which is needed for the journal I am writing for. In this text information like where it was presented and a copyright disclaimer is added. So in between the black line and the "1template from howtotex.com" and without a number in front of it. I have no clue how to do that, any help would be really appreciated!

Best Answer

One way of doing it in the article class (which is used in the template you link to) is by inserting the following lines in your preamble:

    \protected@xdef \@thanks {\@thanks \protect \footnotetext [\the \c@footnote ]{#1}}%
    \protected@xdef \@bs@thanks {\@bs@thanks \protect \footnotetext [\the \c@footnote ]{#1}}

and then calling the newly defined \mycopyright{...} command just before \thanks{...}, like so

\textsc{Jonathan S. Doe}\mycopyright{Copyright: my mum}%
\thanks{Template by \href{http://www.howtotex.com}{howtoTeX.com}}

enter image description here

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