[Tex/LaTex] Conversion of BibTeX to Endnote bibliography [02/12/2015]


After searching online on converting BibTex bibliography files to Endnote X7, I found a few useful links, such as this and that. However, it seems these links are outdated and the suggested software are no longer available, especially JabRef which seems to be a sophisticated program and also a Java program which the provided link does not work.

Could someone share with the community if there is any update on this conversion (BibTex to Endnote)? Is there any new tool? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

As already noted in the comments: JabRef is alive and well and can do the task. But you also asked if there is another tool that can do the job. So here is my answer using bibutils:

bibutils is a collection of programs that can convert to and from MODS XML as an intermediate format.

In order to convert from BibTeX to tagged Endnote simply call:

$ bib2xml input.bib | xml2end > output.enw

Converting to RIS is similar:

$ bib2xml input.bib | xml2ris > output.ris