[Tex/LaTex] Control the output of TexMaker


I am quite new in LaTeX and I am using TexMaker. How can I remove some of its output (such as .aux, .out, .synctex) and just see the .tex and .pdf files?

Best Answer

As stated in the comment, use the clean tool or set to use clean tool on exit in the preferences. But be sure to quit and not just close the file.

Especially when having many files open this isn't always possible, so I made a small bat script that deletes nearly all types of output files in the folder it sits in and its sub folders:

del /S *.log
del /S *.lof
del /S *.out
del /S *.synctex.gz
del /S *.aux
del /S *.bbl
del /S *.lot
del /S *.blg
del /S *.tdo
del /S *.toc

just add any extensions you might encounter and save the file as a .bat using your favorite text editor and place it in the root folder of your latex project(s). Obviously use different commands and options for linux...