[Tex/LaTex] ConTeXt: vertical spacing


I'm a bit confused about how to specify vertical whitespace. The following document works:

\setuphead[subsection]   [after={\blank[2*line]}]



\input tufte

\input tufte


But why can't I use \setupwhitespace[2*line], and neither \blank[0.5*line]? Both result in an error. Meanwhile, \setupwhitespace[5cm] doesn't seem to have an effect.

What I'm actually trying to achieve is having the vertical spacing between paragraphs (and subsections) 0.5*line, or if that's not possible some specific centimeters.

Best Answer

A clean way, which doesn't require low level TeX is to use the measure mechanism. A dimension is defined using \definemeasure, the value can be retrieved with \measure.




  \startsubsection [title=Title]
    \input knuth


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