[Tex/LaTex] Confusion: \onehalfspacing vs. \spacing vs. Word vs. the world


I have to write a paper with the requirement to use "1.5 line spacing" 12pt Times New Roman. Naturally I used

Lorem ipsum…

So far so good. But I'm a litte paranoid so I checked it with Word and was suprised to get something completely different, so I made this comparison:


you may have to open that in a new tab.

But seriously? Am I missing something? Everyone recommends using \onehalfspacing but that can't be right? I checked the text with a bare minimum and the results are the same:



Lorem ipsum...

I guess my question is: what setting should I use?

Best Answer



This equals 1.5 linespacing in Word, as was corrected by the comments (Beni cherniavsky paskin).