[Tex/LaTex] Compilation taking too long when including svg


This is a general question. I have been very happy when using inkscape for my LaTeX files. Now I am preparing a presentation using beamer and I am trying to include svg files into my presentation using TeXmaker. I am having two problems. The first is that the compilation takes a long time to complete and the other is that scrolling in the pdf file is slow.
If I want to find a replacement to the svg files in which format should I save my drawings?

Best Answer

Do you need it to be fast? I suppose you are creating a pdf or ps file each time you compile it. For debugging, creating just the dvi is generally sufficient; and since the images are not embedded in the dvi, it compiles in no time.

When you believe you are absolutely done, you can create the pdf, which takes some time. Think of the initial debug process as the pre-processing and pdf compilation as the processing.