[Tex/LaTex] Combine many files in LyX


I have written dozens of exercises as LyX documents in separate files. Each of them has its own unique number. For example: 1013, 2053 etc. I would like to create a booklet with all the exercises, arranged by their exercise number. Is there a good way to combine them without inserting files manually one after the other? and also is there a way to arrange their order ascending by exercise number?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

It is not exactly clear what you want to achive. The following code includes all files <num>.pdf where <num> goes from start to end value, these values can be easily modified in the code. For details about how \loop...\repeat works, see Teach me how to use \loop...\repeat constructs, etc .




\x=3 % start value
\ifnum\x<10 % end value

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