[Tex/LaTex] Column and row padding in tables


How do you guys go about controlling column padding in tables?


To clarify, I'm looking for a way to control both vertical and horizontal padding. So, if I had a simple table like in the following code snippet, I could pad the columns and make them look a bit less… ugly. 😛

    column 1 & column 2 \\ 
    I really would like this less & crammed\\

I tried this by using the command \vspace but it leaves gaps in the vertical lines.

Best Answer

Use a default tabular environment without package booktabs and add right before and after the environment:

\def\arraystretch{1.5}%  1 is the default, change whatever you need

and also use column type c instead of l, If you want more horizontal space between the columns then use \setlength\tabcolsep{<whatever length>}.

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