[Tex/LaTex] Clean .bbl files with latexmk -C


I use TeXLive 2012 and compile with run

latexmk -pvc -pdf -quiet test.tex

later I clean the directory with

latexmk -C

But test.bbl remains. How can I help latexmk to find bbl files?

test.bbl (first lines)

% $ biblatex auxiliary file $
% $ biblatex bbl format version 2.1 $
% Do not modify the above lines!
% This is an auxiliary file used by the 'biblatex' package.
% This file may safely be deleted. It will be recreated by
% biber as required.

Best Answer

By default, latexmk treats .bbl files as non-regeneratable. This is because the .bib from which they are made is not always available. See the documentation for a fuller explanation, especially the explanation of the $bibtex_use variable. To get latexmk -C to delete .bbl files, put the following in an initialization file:

$bibtex_use = 2;
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