[Tex/LaTex] Citing RFCs with biblatex


I want to cite RFCs in the format [RFCxxxx] instead of using the author's initials and the year it was published. Currently I am using the alphabetic style that comes with biblatex. So far, I tried using the \DeclareCiteCommand command to use the key field in the .bib file, but that does not seem to work. I would really appreciate any ideas as how to solve this problem.

Best Answer

According to the ietf recommendations, it's recommended to use @techreport

   AUTHOR = "Yakov Rekhter and Tony Li",
   TITLE = "{A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4)}",
   HOWPUBLISHED = {Internet Requests for Comments},
   PAGES = {1-56},
   YEAR = {1995},
   MONTH = {July},
   ISSN = {2070-1721},
   PUBLISHER = "{RFC Editor}",
   INSTITUTION = "{RFC Editor}",

You can probably add shorthand = {RFC1654} as explain by lockstep

Another solution could be to use the natbib package


\citetalias{jon90}  Paper I
\citepalias{jon90}  (Paper I)

I tested this last solution with the following code:




But I got the result:


and it doesn't changed it in the list.