[Tex/LaTex] Citing a Web Page with no author


For my thesis, I need to cite a lot of web-sources with no specific author. I'd like them to appear in the bibliography in the following format

<title> <year>, accessed <date accessed>, 

and as (<title> <year>) within the text.

(as described in this guidelines http://www.lc.unsw.edu.au/onlib/ref_elec1.html#elec3 )

Is there an easy way how to achieve this?

I was looking into biblatex, but it seems to be rather complicated to create a custom source type…

Best Answer

See the biblatex manual, § 2.3.2:

2.3.2 Missing and Omissible Data

The fields marked as ‘required’ in § 2.1.1 are not strictly required in all cases. The bibliography styles which ship with this package can get by with as little as a title field for most entry types. A book published anonymously, a periodical without an explicit editor, or a software manual without an explicit author should pose no problem as far as the bibliography is concerned. Citation styles, however, may have different requirements. For example, an author-year citation scheme obviously requires an author/editor and a year field.

You may generally use the label field to provide a substitute for any missing data required for citations. How the label field is employed depends on the citation style. The author-year citation styles which come with this package use the label field as a fallback if either the author/editor or the year is missing. The numeric styles, on the other hand, do not use it at all since the numeric scheme is independent of the available data. The author-title styles ignore it as well, be- cause the bare title is usually suƿcient to form a unique citation and a title is expected to be available in any case. The label field may also be used to override the non-numeric portion of the automatically generated labelalpha field used by alphabetic citation styles. See § 4.2.4 for details.

So, depending on the citation style you choose, you might just go with something like this:

  title = {Citing a Web Page with no author},
  url = {http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/64352/citing-a-web-page-with-no-author},
  urldate = {2012-07-23}}
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