[Tex/LaTex] Citations broken after clearing auxiliary files


I am writing a thesis and I had all of the citations working correctly. However, as I was half way through a new chapter some of the new citations that I was adding showed up as missing citations e.g. '[1-3,??]', even though the corresponding bibtex entries were there. In the past, when something like this has happened, I have found that deleting the auxiliary files and recompiling usually fixes this (or sometimes just opening the .bib file works, as if it tells TeXStudio to update the .bib file). However, this time, after deleting the auxiliary files and recompiling, instead of fixing the missing citations, now ALL of the citations in the entire thesis (not just this chapter) are broken. Any idea what might cause this behavior? And, any suggestions to fix it?

I am using TeXStudio on a Windows PC, in case that makes any difference.

Best Answer

I have no idea about texstudio but you have deleted the generated bibliography (bbl) so you need to run in order latex, bibtex, latex, latex, on your document to regenerate it.